Apple iPhone 4S– HD voice or not? More likely "Yes”

While there was no official discussion or mention of HD voice/wideband voice at the Apple iPhone 4S rollout earlier this week, it is possible/likely (Apologies for the hedging) that the device will support AMR-WB for voice calls in/on select vendors and markets.

T-Mobile and Orange have already announced the UK pricing for the iPhone 4S.  If Orange/France Telecom is stocking the device, it is likely it will come with AMR-WB support either natively or as an over-the-air firmware upgrade. 

In previous statements, Orange has said it wants nearly all of its handset vendors to support AMR-WB within the next two years or less.

HD Voice News says “likely” because while Orange may have asked for AMR-WB to be on the requirements list for a new handset, Apple is the only handset vendor on the planet that can (and will) dictate terms to wireless service providers.  

Due to a variety of circumstances, HD Voice News has not been able to have a discussion with Apple on AMR-WB support this week.

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