Ericsson releases white paper on HD voice

Ericsson has released a new white paper on HD voice.  “HD Voice: It speaks for itself,” available here, covers the role HD voice will play with operators and users of both fixed and mobile networks.

Among the interesting tidbits Ericsson presents include is a chart ranking call quality of an HD device to a non-HD device as better than a traditional voice call.  On a scale of 1 to 5, a traditional voice call comes in a bit over 2, HD device to non-HD voice comes in a bit over 3, and HD to HD comes in at what appears to be close to 4.5.

Arguments for HD voice get a makeover, with HD voice now being given a role in helping operators in keeping pace with HD voice, as well as inclusion in bundle packages with HDTV and internet.  Enterprises are viewed as a good business case for voice for better conference calls and the “fast growing” voice recognition services market; businesses also tend to “buy it in bulk” with the ability to introduce HD voice fixed or mobile service on a departmental or organizational scale.

“Traditional” reasons for HD voice remain, with users making more calls and longer calls with HD voice up front.  HD voice for improving the mobile experience also gets a nice paragraph.

Interconnection gets a nice bit of discussion, with Ericsson pointing out while that there are plenty of ways to deliver an HD voice experience, the island problem is going to be with operators for a while.

The paper wraps up with “The HD Voice World” and a nice pretty figure with all paths leads – including CDMA and WCDMA – leading to it.

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