Orange Switzerland officially launches mobile HD voice service, adds interesting comments

After months of promotions and testing, Orange Switzerland has officially launched HD voice service with nationwide coverage (well, more than 90 percent of the market in the entire 3G network, according to the press release).

The official release from Orange says over 100,000 customers own HD voice capable phones and 21 HD voice mobile handsets are available from “Sony Ericsson and HTC” as well as other manufacturers.  Orange also notes it is equipping HD voice-capable phones with a HD voice sticker.

But it’s the quotes from the head executive that are worth reviewing–

“Due to the fast-increasing number of available HD Voice mobile phones, we assume that a third of our customers will have an HD Voice mobile phone in about six months, allowing them to take advantage of the best possible voice quality,” said Thomas Sieber, CEO at Orange. ”In addition to being distributed internationally, HD Voice is also quickly establishing itself as a new quality standard. Providers who do not offer HD Voice yet are increasingly coming under pressure to do so.”

In the  Orange Switzerland fact sheet, there’s a lot of emphasis that its competitors do not offer HD voice and can’t offer such high call quality.

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