Editorial- Is HD Voice cool with a younger generation in Europe ?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen the Twitter #HDvoice tag pop up in unexpected ways.  The first time I saw it roll out because it was associated with some rapper that I hadn’t heard of – not surprising, since I’m more of a Stevie Nicks/80 on 8 guy – and it annoyed me because it made no sense  to me.

Fast forward to two more references this week.  @blackslashwhite posted this–

@BOYZinHD got that #HDvoice http://t.co/pjWcPJ9x

Click the picture, take a look at the logo on the phone.  Now, the #HDBoyz are the “world’s first boy band in high definition” or something like that but I can’t figure out if they are a fake band put together by Panasonic or a real boy band in Europe.

Later in the week, there’s a post from @akagoldie

#HDVOICE makes such a big difference to my phone calls!! :)

@Akagoldie is Daryl Goldie, a self-described “Londoner” with a track.  Via Twitter, I asked @Akagoldie what he used to do his #HDvoice.

@DougonIPComm galaxy a 2 phone call

So maybe Orange UK and a Samsung Galaxy phone.

The bigger point is that the young. musically inclined find #HDvoice to be cool and are starting to promote it.  Or there’s a whole viral under-the-radar marketing scheme to promo HD voice to a demographic between 16-25. 

Either way, it should be fun to watch.

– Doug

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