GENBAND, CounterPath announce HD voice UC client deal

GENBAND Perspectives 2011, New York, New York – Hardware manufacturer GENBAND and CounterPath Corporation has announced a “strategic, long-term” agreement to provide mobile client solutions for GENBAND’s A2 Communications Applications Server. Since CounterPath’s Bria client supports HD voice via G.722, this makes it an HD voice announcement as well.

The relatonship includes joint development and marekting of “enhanced” UC capbilities for voice, messaging, presence and video services to mobile and tablet devices.

GENBAND gets a soft client to bundle in/offer to A2 Communications Applications Server customers to provide things like common address books accessible from any device, IM and presence federation and the ability to choose the most effective use of 3G or VoIP routing. GENBAND cusotmers will get the capability to easily bundle services in any business or consumer plan and also customize mobile/soft clients with their own logos.

The A2 platoform is currently deployed in around 200 mobile, VOIP and IMS networks worldwide while CounterPath counts among its customers AT&T, Verizon, BT, Avaya, Cisco, and Avaya.

Perhaps the most interesting part of today’s announcement it that it roughly comes one year after CounterPath announced big love and joint development efforts with Metaswtich Networks and about one month since Metaswitch said it was going to spend more money on developing rich clients because it wasn’t happy with third-party vendors who weren’t responsive/fast enough.

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