Will biometrics voice ID push mobile HD voice in New Zealand?

Use of biometric voice ID – a subject the HD Voice News editor-in-chief presented at Black Hat once upon a time – in New Zealand government may encourage mobile carriers to move to HD voice, speculates Waikato Times.

Several New Zealand government agencies are moving ahead of banks in utilizing voice ID to authenticate individuals.  The biggest challenge, according to one ministry, is trying to verify a person making a call over a mobile phone – poorer quality and background noise make checks less reliable; 38 percent of calls made to the agency’s contact center are made on mobile phones.

Biometric voice ID works “80 percent” of the time, with the system knocking off 28 seconds – real time and money for contact centers — from the average length of its calls.

Vodafone, Telecom and 2degrees “are considering improving the quality of mobile phone calls” according to a paragraph in the article.

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