Verizon expands VoIP to Asia; finally enables “select” HD voice and video interop via VIPER

Verizon Business has expanded its VoIP solution to the Asia-Pacific region through its global network. The company has also finally added inter-company HD voice and video (i.e. SIP interop) for “select” VoIP customers that use Verizon’s opt-in VIPER IP-to-IP routing feature to skip out on per minute domestic and international charges on calls.

“Verizon is also adding inter-company high-definition voice and video capabilities for select VoIP customers that use the service’s popular VIPER feature,” states last night’s press release. “This is a cloud-based IP-to-IP routing option that eliminates additional per minute domestic and international charges on calls between VIPER-enabled locations customers.”

VIPER has been around for a while and companies purchasing Verizon VoIP service have the ability to opt-in at no charge to get IP-to-IP routing.  It isn’t clear why only “select VoIP customers” will be able to get inter-company HD voice and video.

The big mystery is why it has taken so long for Verizon to support HD voice. Last year, Verizon Business had talked about supporting HD voice (the G.722 codec) around July 2010 with a statement that HD voice support was “in the queue” by the end of 2010.

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