Global mobile Supplier Association issues latest HD voice statistics

Earlier this week,the Global mobile Supplier Association ( released its latest and greatest stats on HD voice penetration in the GSM world. There are 60 compatible AMR-WB devices available on the market, 31 countries with commercial mobile HD voice service, and 36 commercial mobile HD voice networks turned up.

Dated November 22, 2011, the latest report adds Telekom Austria’s A1 network, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Deutsche Telekom in Germany as commercial launches since the release of the last report in October, plus two others which aren’t immediately apparent.  (Yes, HD Voice News needs to go back and compare the data in more detail to the old report)

The full GSA report is available via free subscription at  A November 21 map of mobile HD voice territories clearly illustrates what Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney described earlier this month over at TMC.Net. – Mobile HD voice (almost) Stretches from UK to Russia.

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