Hong Kong-based CSL one2free launches HD voice

Hong Kong mobile carrier one2free, a subsidiary of CSL, has launched the first mobile HD voice service on the island, reports its website.

The company is offering free “HD voice” enabled Nokia handsets for customers who sign up on an 87 (Hong Kong) dollar“Talk and Connect” service plan;  the phone bundled in is appears to be the Nokia Asha 300 handset. Also advertised as supporting HD voice on its website is the Nokia 500.

The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (www.gsacom.com) reported back in February that CSL was going to turn up service in December.

Asia Pacific hasn’t exactly a hotbed of HD voice activity.  Several carriers in India have turned up mobile HD voice service, but there’s still no official word on service turn up in Korea, Japan, or in other countries of the region.

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