iPhone HD voice round-up: Invoxia, TeamViewer

Invoxia (www.invoxia.com) has announced the NVX 610, a VoIP phone with an iThings (iPhone/iPhone/iPad) dedicated app to enable dialing from the iThing, plus facilitate “mobile convergence.”  You can receive calls to an iThing mobile as well as VoIP based calls.

The big draw/brag with the NVX 610 is a total of eight 8 mics and 8 “high-quality” speakers so it can provide spatialization (the 3-D sound thing) and directional voice capturing – serious audio hardware. It also has a corded handset, a mute button, and phone mail button. On the back of the device there are two USB ports (one for the corded handset), two Ethernet ports (one with PoE to power the phone), an iPhone/iPod docking station, Bluetooth technology for pairing with a wireless headset or speakers, and DECT to add/use “optional” cordless handsets.

HD voice support – as listed on the current “Technical specs” chart  – is via G.722 and SILK codecs; however, there’s also a reference to G.722.1 in the specs.

However, all that high-quality acoustic support doesn’t come for free.  List price on Amazon.com is a whopping $599.00 – this isn’t an impulse buy.

Michael Graves (Graves on SOHO Technology, @mjgraves, www.mgraves.org) has secured an Invoxia and is testing it. Be interesting to see what he says.

TeamViewer for Meetings is a dedicated iThings app (iPhone & iPad) that supports web conferences. Features include the ability to send, watch presentations, chat messages and VoIP conferences.  However, the HD voice support is reportedly through the Theora video codec.

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