Why Earthlink doesn’t currently support HD voice on its new business voice service

EarthLink’s rollout of a new "Complete” suite of business voice, data, and Internet solutions doesn’t include HD voice out of the box.  And it all comes down to software support in Metaswitch’s Media Gateways, according to an EarthLink executive.  But a fix should be in by the end of Q1 2012.

“The G.722 codec which supports HD VoIP applications has to be offered in conjunction with G.729/G.711 because the MetaSwitch Media Gateways ( EarthLink’s VoIP Platforms) do not support it natively so we would need to up-speed to G.711 for calls that need to go PSTN,”  said Jonathan Mapes, Vice President of Engineering via an email message.

EarthLink is currently in process of upgrading its VoIP infrastructure to a common code base.  Once it is done in “late first quarter of 2012,” the company will “enable” the G.722 codec for all users with phones that support it.

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