Editorial – 2011 year end stats for HD Voice News

Closing out 2011, HD Voice News logged 5,325 returning visitors, 42,000ish page loads, and 28,400ish unique visits.

So, what does this mean, other than the fact we aren’t connected to a SEO-gaming service?

For 2010, the site’s first full year of operation, HD Voice News logged 4,814 returning visitors, 34,830 page loads, and 22,852 unique visits.

If I’m doing the math right, it’s about a 10 percent year-over-year increase in visitors, 20 percent increase on page loads, and a 24 percent increase on unique visits.

Digging through the statistics on a couple of different views, the last three quarters of 2011 were significantly higher than the last three quarters of 2010; basically, there was a spike in stats in Q1 2010 most likely due to a CES HD Voice Event, followed by a leveling and roughly the same statistics in Q2-Q4 2010 and in Q1 2011.

The data would seem to indicate some upswing in interest in HD voice over the past three quarters of 2011, but it’s not really anything like hockey-stick growth.

— Doug

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