CES 2012 – Line2 talks enterprise, new HD voice codecs

Las Vegas – Line2 (www.line2.com) said it is looking upmarket to larger business customers and will be adding some new HD voice codecs in the future.  However, CEO Peter Sisson initially sounded lukewarm to the idea of adding G.722 to the mix.

Currently, Line2 operates as a softclient for Android and iThings (iPhone/iPad), adding a virtual line via VoIP, with calls made over a 3G/WiFi connection.  For a SOHO/small business owner, Line2 enables the addition of a second phone line for business use.

Sisson said the company was looking to add a service for “enterprises” but gave no indication as to how far along his company was in developing the offering.

Near-term, Line2 will suppliment its iSAC wideband codec with SILK and/or OPUS.  When asked about G.722, Sisson felt that SILK and OPUS offered a better solution for HD voice, but was more interested in discussing the possibility of supporting it in the context of providing interoperability with enterprise clouds.

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