CES 2012–Gigaset goes large, talks about HD voice on cable

Las Vegas – Last year, HD Voice News met with Gigaset’s Tony Stankus under humble circumstances.   Tony, Product and Marketing Director for North America, had a small single room in the Las Vegas Hilton to display a few products. What a difference a year makes.

In 2012, Gigaset occupied a large suite on the 29th floor, complete with a balcony overlooking the strip.   The side tables were full of Gigaset products, including a larger line of business-class phones and Bluetooth headsets along with the DECT-based SL910 touchscreen phone expected to show up in the U.S. later this year. 

In addition, Stankus played his latest Hollywood and professional sports product placement clips.  Gigaset products have been seeded across a wide range of talk shows, comedies such as “Two and a Half Men,” and dramas like as “CSI.”   Several NFL players have been involved in Gigaset promotions during the 2011-2012 season.

Gigaset and Arris are working closely together to certify a HD voice solution for cable operators.  As previously discussed, Gigaset has successfully demonstrated the ability of its IP phones to support 7 kHz analog wideband.  A number of cable setup box makers have deployed equipment incorporating a pair of FXO ports capable of supporting 7 kHz analog and G.722.   Put the two together, and the cable industry has an HD voice solution that can be enabled with a firmware upgrade.

In addition, “a number of cable operators” have made inquiries with Gigaset North America about the potential for running HD voice over the past three months.

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