Editorial–Recovering from CES 2012

I am (once again, damn you annual severe airplane cold) recovering from CES.  There’s a backlog of at least 2-3 stories from last week, plus a bunch of significant material flowing from announcements this week.

Bits from last week include–

  • D2’s move into LTE
  • Ericsson’s embrace of G.719 and priority queuing for gaming as a cloud service to sell to service providers and game shops

This week’s flood includes–

  • XConnect’s deal with the Germans for yet another country-based exchange
  • Polycom going cloud to enable HD voice and video services for service providers
  • 8×8’s numbers announcement (still growing)
  • CounterPath/Vidtel interop announcement

I’m hoping to get a few more posts up this evening between coughing fits.

— Doug

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