CES 2012: D2 Technologies dives into IMS-based VoLTE and RCS

D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) demonstrated the latest version of its mCUE software, showing live VoIP and video calls over LTE in Las Vegas, including RCS calling using an IMS-based platform.

The mCUE 4G software is optimized for Android to deliver carrier-grade voice and video over smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The software recently completed its first field deployment for a 4G mobile operator and demonstrated its VoLTE interoperability at the MultiService Forum’s testing event in Beijing and Dusseldorf.

Live demos in Vegas featured IMS-based connections over a Tier 1 carrier’s LTE network to make video calls between a tablet and smartphone.  The demos were somewhat hampered by the general chaotic RF and communications environment during CES, requiring a couple of attempts before a successful connection was established.

mCUE 4G is a complete communications client with a fully embedded media engine including a complete VoIP DSP module with wideband codecs and optimized video framework integration supporting native hardware video acceleration.  Features include IR.92 VoLTE and RCS/RCS-e standards compliant, VoIP and SMS/MMS over IP, IP video calling, and seamless call handover with SR/DR-VCC and CSFB.

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