Deutsche Telekom adds broadband HD voice with Speedphone 700, iPhone SIP client

Deutsche Telekom (DT) this week has officially rolled out an Android DECT phone with native G.722 support, plus there’s an iPhone G.722 SIP client for in-home WiFi use.  It’s the latest move by DT to expand its HD voice support in the consumer world.

The Speedphone 700 is an Android-based home phone with an 8.1 inch touch screen that can access Internet services such as email, RSS feeds, a personal online address book, and other apps provided through DT’s media center.  DT says the 700 is initially designed for use with the Speedport W 723V DECT gateway to ensure high data transfer speed between the phone and network.

Other features of the Speedphone 700 include a micro-USB connector for a headset, Micro SD card slot with a 2 GB memory card, speakerphone, picture-based caller ID, and notification for voicemail. Available now in DT shops and online, the phone costs around 150 euros or 4.95 euros per month on a 24 month service plan.

The home talk iPhone/iThings app was published on December 14, 2011. The SIP client runs over a home wireless LAN and enables G.722 calls to and from landline numbers in the home. The client supports Bluetooth headsets and is available through a couple of different DT packages free of charge.

An Android version of the home talk client is expected to be released in the future, but no release date has been set.

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