Polycom announces cloud strategy for video-as-a-service

Like everyone else on the planet, Polycom (www.polycom.com) has announced it is adding a service/cloud model rather than simply sticking to a hardware/software sales strategy.  In this case, Polycom will be providing RealPresence Cloud, a wholesale, carry-ready offering to enable service providers to bring Video-as-a-service (VaaS) offerings quickly to market.

RealPresence Cloud solutions are designed to deliver infrastructure, endpoints, and services to service providers to provide subscription-based solutions for video collaboration.  The idea is to enable service providers to provide a quick way to roll out Polycom-based video collaboration solutions among SMBs and enterprise who want either a hybrid solution of both premises-based video collaboration solutions and video on demand or a pure VaaS solution

The rollout announcement came this week and is built around the Polycom RealPresence Network – formerly the Halo/HVEN network bought from HP in 2011 – to allow service providers to deliver video from the cloud.

RealPresence Cloud solutions encompass a fully managed multipoint video service that support different connectivity options between standards-based room, mobile, PC and web-based endpoints, plus Microsoft Linc 2010, IBM Sametime, and endpoints supporting the TIP protocol.

Currently, Polycom has RealPresence VaaS clouds running with China Unicom and Airtel; China Unicom’s cloud delivers VaaS to more than 10,000 organizations and interconnects around 100,000 endpoints “and growing” from 10 different vendors.

One benefit of being plugged into a RealPresence VaaS service is the enablement of seamless SIP interconnectivity, so you can just as easily run HD voice as you can H.323 video from point-to-point anywhere in the cloud.

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