Verizon Wireless pushing back nationwide VoLTE rollout to 2013?

Verizon Wireless is pushing back its VoLTE rollout to early 2013, Light Reading says.  This would be a pushback from the company’s previous declaration it would start rolling out Voice over LTE for customers in 2012.

Light Reading says Verizon has been trialing VoLTE in two markets at least since September 2011.   An analyst covering the space says that a “national rollout” for VoLTE will be in early 2013, so Verizon could launch VoLTE in some markets this year and still have its previous comments covered.

Back at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February of last year, Verizon said it would roll out VoLTE in 2012, with various reports and comments suggesting introduction would occur in the first half of 2012. 

Expect to hear more details out of Verizon in Barcelona in February.

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