XConnect sets up IP federation hub in Germany with DE-CIX

XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has set up a partnership with Germany’s DE-CIX to establish the first NGN/VoIP federation in the country.  Service providers will now be able to use the federation to directly exchange IP voice and multimedia traffic.

As a part of the partnership, a “secure and scalable” federation hub and central carrier ENUM-based routing and numbers management platform will be established to enable IP-based service providers to connect end-to-end on an all-IP basis.

Interconnection into the hub is expected to reduce the technical complexity and commercial and operational costs of IP interconnection, allowing for migration from bilateral, legacy-network TDM interconnects to IP.  Operators will be able to securely and multilaterally interconnect to multiple networks via a single IP connection to the hub.

The ENUM registry is expected to offer a central number-management and number-portability platform for German operators, facilitating ENUM-based number discovery and routing that will enable calls to be delivered accurately and directly across networks.

DE-CIX already provides direct and settlement-free Internet interconnection infrastructure services to more than 400 operators.

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