KPN starts HD voice trial in the Netherlands; Nokia Windows phone supported

KPN has announced it has started an HD voice trial in the Netherlands, laying claim to being the first official launch of mobile HD voice service in the country. The announcement is especially significant because it includes the Nokia 800 Lumia — a Windows Phone — among the supported device. Kudos to the service provider for having a detailed FAQ on line.

The trial is expected to last for a number of weeks before KPN pronounces the service in production. Service is being delivered over the 3G network and offered at no cost to the customer — standard terms for HD voice being introduced in Europe.

KPN has rolled out a very detailed FAQ on HD voice, addressing Bluetooth device issues (Look for HFP 1.6 profile), providing a list of “Top 5” phones, and providing details on software versions supporting HD and how to upgrade software on KPN-supported devices; there’s also a long list of HD voice-supporting handsets.

Among the FAQ tidbits is how to upgrade the Windows Phone software on the Nokia 800 Lumia phone to get HD voice support using a PC and the Microsoft Zune.

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