Revolabs intros HD voice wireless conference phone

Revolabs has announced the Revolabs FLX(TM) VoIP, the first wireless conference phone designed for VoIP. The SIP phone includes wireless operation and integrated Bluetooth.

The phone uses distinct components, including a speaker, dial pad, and a variety of microphones. It can support a lapel microphone for a single person; an omnidirectional tabletop microphone that can capture the sound of six to 10 participants; and a directional tabletop microphone to enable audio capture from two to three people.

Users can also connect speakers and microphones to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or computers using the FLX’s Bluetooth. The phone also supports 128-bit encryption and should be available worldwide this month.

Regrettably, the online literature doesn’t talk about what HD voice/wideband voice codecs the hardware supports.

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