IT EXPO East 2012–General Telecom launches HD voice hosted private label solution

Miami FL – General Telecom ( has joined the hosted VoIP world, offering a “cost effective, scalable” private label hosted VoIP solution.  The white label VoIP solution supports G.722.

The white label VoIP program allows VARs, interconnects, ISPs, system integrations and “other non-traditional service providers” to sell hosted IP PBX and SIP services (Hmm, HD Voice News voice?) under their own brand with a “simple, scalable, future proof solution.”

Features include branded customer and management portals, a nationwide footprint, DIDs, E-911, end user billing, comprehensive training and “superb” customer support, claims the press release.

GenTel joins the pack of service providers and even hardware manufacturers rushing to the sound of profits in hosted/cloud VoIP.   The balance between on-prem and hosted PBX is starting to shift, but will it snowball rapidly?

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