Quick HD voice stats from IT EXPO East 2012

Miami, FL and Washington DC – At the “HD Voice: Improving Voice Quality to Meet Demands of U.S. Customers” panel at IT EXPO East 2012, representatives from Polycom and Neutral Tandem revealed some numbers worth repeating.

Jeff Rodman, CTO and co-founder of Polycom, estimated that his company has shipped all total about three (3) million HD voice capable endpoints.  He was quick to emphasize that 1) The number included videoconferencing and telepresence suites and 2) Polycom is one of dozens of companies shipping HD voice capable phones for business and enterprise use.

Neutral Tandem now has 10 or more service providers exchanging HD voice calls across its network, said Sonit Mahey, Senior Director of Product Development, with a ball park figure of “millions” of minutes per month taking place.

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