Fraunhofer demonstrates “Full-HD Voice” over LTE + Android at Mobile World Congress

Continuing to fight its uphill battle against AMR-WB, G.722, and other HD voice codecs, Fraunhofer IIS showcasing AAC-ELD, the “Full-HD Voice” codec.

Fraunhofer is conducing a live demonstration of the Full-HD Voice experience using Android mobile phones incorporating the AAC-ELD codec, connected over an LTE network provided Fraunhofer HHI.

AAC-ELD operates at bit-rates comparable to today’s broadband HD Voice and regular phone services, but delivers four times the audio spectrum of regular phone calls and twice the spectrum of HD Voice services.

According to a Fraunhofer spokesperson, the demo will use 64 Kbps and deliver 16 kHz audio bandwidth, with the ability to flip between Full-HD Voice and stock (not AMR-WB) GSM quality.  The demo will use standard Samsung Nexus phones with the codec “integrated” directly into software without requiring additional hardware.

Fraunhofer is also pushing AAC-ELD with a  dedicated website,  The site has plenty of PDFs as well as the typical compare-and-contrast audio demonstration.

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