TranSwitch gets Atlanta 2000 LTE gateway certified with Verizon LTE network

TranSwitch ( recently had its Atlanta 2000 LTE Gateway reference design successfully tested on Verizon’s LTE development network, including certification of VoLTE capabilities.  The company says certification will open the door for manufacturers to start cranking out VoLTE-based home gateways and routers.

Demoing at Mobile World Congress this week, the Atlanta 2000 features a low power hardware architecture consisting of dual network processor cores, a dedicated VoIP DSP, and dual crypto security engines; turnkey broadband, wireless and telephony functionality with IMS compliant, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment-ready software stack, Certified OMA-DM, Broadband Forum Management and Provisioning; “comprehensive” wireline and wireless codec support; dual stack IPv4/IPv6, hardware-based security and tunneling (IPSec /PPPT/L2TP /SSL) and “best in class” performance Java Virtual Machine and OSGI support for Home Automation Applications over LTE.

Certification with VoLTE means AMR-WB support is present at a minimum; however TranSwitch doesn’t appear to provide a list of supported HD voice codecs on its website.

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