Invoxia releases AudiOffice HD voice dock for iPad, iPhone

At Mobile World Congress, Invoxia has released the AudiOffice, a phone/Apple iThings dock optimized for the desktop.

Like its’ pricy predecessor the NVX 610 , the AudiOffice focuses on delivering the best sound quality.  It has four wideband speakers and two digital microphones to deliver better bass, perform sound processing to filter out echos and background noise, and deliver “sound spacialization” for a more “physical presence” sensation. There’s also a corded handset; no Ethernet, however.

UNLIKE its’ pricy predecessor, AudiOffice lists at $299 or 299 in Euros (including VAT) – the NVX 610 was listed at $600, but includes a crazy 8 broadband speakers and eight digital microphones.

Under the hood is a Freescale ARM and Invoxia’s In Vivo Acoustic technology. There’s also Bluetooth for pairing, plus USB available. HD voice codecs supported on AudiOffice include G.722, G.722.1, and SILK. But the company insists on using “HD sound” as well as “HD voice” in its marketing literature.

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