Glensound Electronics mobile HD voice presentation at BVE UK broadcaster show

UK-based Glensound Electronics recently touted the wonders of HD voice for broadcasters at the BVE show ( in London.  The company has passed along a copy of its Powerpoint presentation in Adobe Acrobat format  for review and sharing.

You can find the file here, and Glensound provides the following description–

HD Voice Presentation by Paul Grant (Chief Engineer)

At BVE 2012, Chief Engineer at Glensound Electronics, Paul Grant, staged a presentation on the technology behind HD Voice. HD Voice is a new technology that allows mobile phone calls with up to 7kHz of audio bandwidth to be made over the 3G (UMTS) network. Using the AMR-WB (adaptive multirate wide band) algorithm, the extra bandwidth makes a significant improvement in call quality with enhanced frequency response producing refined audio with greater definition.

Titled ‘HD Voice – Your new secret weapon. How HD Voice on mobile phones will make outside broadcasts better, easier and more reliable’, Paul examined the underlying technologies of HD Voice and how it can be effectively utilised in the broadcasting arena. The full extent of the HD Voice functionality was presented by dissecting the key elements of the technology to provide a full understanding of how it achieves such high results. Availability of HD Voice around the world, its current limitations and practical examples were given.

The presentation slides go through a quick introduction of HD voice and where it is being deployed, including a concise – but nice – description of the audio and mobile phone technology involved.  And there’s no embedded marketing propaganda talking about Glensound’s rack-mount hardware designed to work with a GSM-y mobile network to deliver an HD voice phone call straight into a radio mixing setup; for that, you’ll have to go to the company’s website (

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