“Millions” of Fraunhofer Full-HD voice users–with a big Apple catch

When Fraunhofer rolled out its “Full-HD Voice” codec at Mobile World Congress last month, a company official boasted there were “millions” of Full-HD voice calls already talking place. Well, there are, but they all sit on the island of Apple.

More specifically, Fraunhofer’s press release said-

“Every day, millions of users already make Full-HD Voice calls over IP connections,” said Harald Popp, head of the department Multimedia Realtime Systems at Fraunhofer IIS, “With the introduction of LTE, now is the perfect time to introduce Full-HD Voice to mobile communications as well. Our AAC-ELD audio codec is the perfect solution for all upcoming mobile Full-HD Voice services.”

This statement is true, but the numbers are quoted come from Apple’s associated FaceTime video usage on the iPhone, where AAC-ELD is the audio codec.  Apple sold 38 million phones in the last quarter of 2011.  In addition, there are other telepresence and video conferencing systems using the technology.

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