Editorial–HD voice vs. HD audio and the lack of specification

Coming out of Mobile World Congress 2012, it is clear many mobile handset manufacturers haven’t “gotten it” when it comes to HD voice.  In addition, too many vendors – wireless and wireline – can’t be bothered to put together a simple data sheet listening codecs.

ZTE stood out among the many companies releasing new phones last month because it clearly listed HD voice among the features.  Contrast with Huawei, which had lots of pretty pictures of its new phones, but going to the website provided little detailed information as to the codecs supported.

In addition, many vendors are throwing out “HD audio” as a catch-all term to imply HD voice – i.e., wideband telephony – is supported by their devices, but – again – they don’t provide specifics. Is it G.722? AMR-WB? Other codecs?

As service providers go beyond G.722 into richer codecs such as G.722.1 and “Full-HD voice,” it becomes more – not less – important to provide more details.  There’s no excuse for providing easily accessible details on codec support on the corporate website, if not in the actual press release.

— Doug

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