Editorial: iPad, Apple, and HD voice–Who knows?

Does the “new” iPad support HD voice? If you take Fraunhofer’s definition of “Full-HD voice” – meaning if it uses its codec – the answer is, yes, the Apple iPad and iPhones with Facetime do HD voice.  But that’s not HD voice as defined within the mobile world today.

What if the phone or device runs on an LTE network? If it’s an LTE-based phone, it should support AMR-WB.  An LTE device like the New iPad? In theory it could support VoLTE and there’s enough voice processing on Apple’s newer chips to clean up voice input anyway, so it could happen.

But… Apple hasn’t formally blessed/announced VoLTE support or voice support using AMR-WB on a HSPA 3G network. So, no, for MOBILE NETWORKS, Apple hasn’t rolled out native HD voice support on mobile networks yet.  You can always get a soft client.

If this is causing you a headache, you’re not alone.  Part of the clamor out KPN customers and France Telecom/Orange is that Apple should/needs to support AMR-WB and HD voice for mobile devices.

— Doug

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