AETA launches Scoopy+ hardware codec device for LTE, professional audio hardware

Out at 2012 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS says it will launch an enhanced version of Scoopy+, a multitasking portable codec device, with new support for LTE.  The company says French radio Europe 1 now uses HD voice and the Scoopy+ HD to transmit live from streets of various French cities.

Scoopy+ is the broadcast industry’s first portable professional audio hardware codec device to support HD voice at 7 kHz, according to the company.  The company’s website says the Scoopy+HD device supports AMR-WB, with IP interfaces for SIP and VoIP.  It also has a web server, USB interfaces, and an app to integrate it with Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite hardware; support for AMR-WB is option on the stock Scoopy+ and Scoop4+ devices.

At the 2012 NAB Show, AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS will launch an enhanced version of Scoopy+, the company’s class-leading multitasking portable codec, with new support for the LTE standard.  With support for LTE, Scoopy+ is said to achieve up to 100 Mbps for downloads and 50 Mbps for uploads, with lower latency for better performance during live transmissions, and better coverage in rural areas by using lower frequencies in the 800 MHz band; it also includes IPv6 support.

The new codec has been successfully tested in Europe, the U.S. and Japan, with AETA producing different versions for each regions.

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