Editorial–It’s 2012. Why are new services blowing past G.722 and HD voice support?

Over the past two weeks, I’ve received announcements for new cloud services launches using soft clients.  It’s the usual “We have VoIP, we enable calls from your browser or mobile app with a single click” type of deal.  One of them is bragging how studly they were at DEMO 2010.

But they don’t support HD voice. 

Not a proprietary codec, not G.722, not any other freeware codecs. NOTHING. I mean, they can support H.264 for video, but only G.711 for voice? Seriously? REALLY?

This is doubly damming when you move into the Enterprise arena, where every IP handset and professional-grade soft client rolled out in the last three years has supported G.722.

C’mon. Get with the 21st century, people!

– Doug

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