Editorial—Covering HD voice since 2009 (Thank you Forbes & Jeff Pulver).

There’s a lot of U.S. buzz about HD voice this week, thanks to Sprint’s mid-week announcement (Maybe that’s why they kept asking if I was going to attend the product rollout) of the HTC EVO 4G LTE.  (HE4L? HE4GL?).  

I didn’t believe it would be Qualcomm — yes, I confess, I heaped scorn onto them and CDMA – to be the ones providing the first Tier 1 mobile HD voice experience in the U.S.   My money had been on T-Mobile USA, and the fourth-largest carrier in the States could still pull a rabbit out of its hat with software upgrades before Sprint and MetroPCS with its LTE offering in the “second half” of 2012.

This week, Forbes linked to a piece here at HD Voice News. Coverage of Sprint’s HD voice announcement has been, shall we say, mixed, with a number of interesting assumptions on how rolling out the technology will and won’t work.  Transcoding between HD voice codecs and SIP peering have both gotten a pass in coverage. This is unfortunate, because there are questions as to when and how providers will transcode, while SIP peering is picking up steam.

Finally, thanks to Jeff Pulver, he of The Pulver Rule down at the FCC, pulver.com and now of #140conf. 

Jeff was a big supporter of HD voice back in 2009 and provided some initial resources for what is now HD Voice News.  Jeff has done some wonderful things in the world of social media enabled by Twitter (i.e. 140 characters) and I sometimes envy his conferences – where else does the host get hugged by Miss America, Ivanka Trump, and NBC’s Ann Curry – BEFORE NOON. 

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