Editorial—The Dutch love HD voice

If you are following #HDvoice on Twitter (you are, right?), the people of the Netherlands are loving their new HD voice service.  Right now the Dutch are out-tweeting everyone else on the planet – and given all the French deployments of HD voice, that’s saying something.

Of course, this could also be a language thing, since I’m not sure France Telecom even uses HD voice.

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3 comments to Editorial—The Dutch love HD voice

  • markilou

    regarding your comment on France Telecom Dough: France Telecom has been using HD Voice (G722) on their residential ASDL set-up boxes (Livebox) for a couple of years already, along with some compatible DECT device. Unfortunately -and as most HD Voice initiatives so far as you well know- this is ON-NET only (from livebox line to another livebox line) : G722 is transcoded into standard Narrow Band G711 over the TDM network when a call goes OFF-NET.

    Orange having HD Voice on their mobile network in France (using AMR-WB codec) it would be interesting to know whether France Telecom has plans to transcode AMR-WB and G722 to offer wide band continuity from their fixed to their mobile network, that would seem like a logical thing to do…

  • France Telecom has declared (it’s on the blog around July last year) it is working on transcoding between G.722 and AMR-WB (broadband and mobile networks). Timeframe is 2013, if memory serves.

  • Quentin

    France Telecom has been using HD voice with Livebox since 2007.
    In 2012-2013 it will be possible to make HD voice calls between «Orange» countries and also between landlines and mobiles.
    In 2013, HD voice between different carriers.

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