Editorial—If you want to support HD Voice News….

A lot of people appreciate HD Voice News.

If you are one of them, I hope you will consider buying this year’s 2012 report available over at TMCNet. It’s available at http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/ip-communications/HD-Voice-Second-Annual-report1.aspx

We’ve priced it this year at $120 for a single user copy.  I’m hoping a lot of companies that balk at higher priced reports will realize it’s 1) Cheaper than most plane tickets and reasonable hotel rooms and 2) Provides a lot of summarized, non-PowerPoint-esq information in 97 pages.

I won’t kid you: There are no forward-projection hockey-stick graphs included. Service providers and hardware manufacturers are providing scant information.  I’m hoping for better statistics in the next report as vendors start to go on-the-record with both numbers and customers.

Funding goes to keep the site going and to support research travel (see: plane tickets, hotel rooms). 


Doug Mohney
HD Voice News

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