Sangoma intros HD voice transcoding gateway appliance

Sangoma ( Technologies has announced the availability of its NetBorder Transcoding Gateway.  The 1U enterprise appliance comes at a good time, as it supports transcoding between narrowband and HD voice codecs, as well as between different HD voice codecs, such as G.722 and AMR-WB.

For those on lossy networks, codecs such as iBLC can be used to improve performance and call quality. The gateway can support up to 4000 simultaneous SIP sessions.

Perhaps the most important feature not underlined in the press release is the appliances ability to transcode SIP calls between G.722 – the de facto standard for broadband IP phones – and AMR-WB, the dominant mobile codec in the HSPA and LTE worlds.  Business are going to want to transcode between broadband and mobile HD voice networks and it isn’t clear how much support will initially be available from carriers or if such support will be at no cost.

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