Editorial: Recent HD voice pieces at TMCNet.com

It’s been a busy month of HD voice articles at TMC, including an interview around the making of the 2012 HD Voice Report “Proliferation.”

TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask interviewed HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney about the second annual HD voice report and what went into its assembly and production.

04/27/2012 HD Voice is on the Move

At TMC, HD voice published pieces Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney include–

04/05/2012 Yes, Sprint Introduces (CDMA) HD Voice, But –

04/05/2012 The Great U.S. Mobile HD Voice Race is On!

04/09/2012 Apple, RIM Trail, Microsoft Keeps Up in HD Voice Handsets

04/11/2012 This or Next The Year for HD voice? – But Where?

04/26/2012 HD Voice: More than Mobile, LTE

04/30/2012 Winners Thus Far in the 2012 HD Voice Sweepstakes

05/03/2012 Aastra, Internet2 and Level3 Add Up to Big HD Voice Cloud

05/08/2012 Bad Trends in HD Voice 2012

05/10/2012 HD Voice at CTIA: Sprint Wins, Everyone Else Not Playing

Needless to say, the pace of HD voice deployment is accelerating, despite some grumbling among media that there’s no “money” to be made.

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