Orange rolls out Intel HD voice mobile phone on June 6

Orange is rolling out the San Diego, an Android smartphone built around an Intel Atom processor and HD voice, on June 6.   The San Diego is the first Intel “powered” smartphone to launch in Europe.

The handset uses the Z2640 Intel Atom processor in combination with the Intel XMM 6260 HSPA Platform.  It features 1080p video capture, image stabilization, an 8MP camera with a 1 second/10 shot “burst” mode.  It supports HD voice (AMR-WB), along with A-BPS and Bluetooth 2.1.

Currently running Android 2.3, an upgrade to Android’s “Ice Cream Sandwich” update is expected in September.  Cost of the phone is around 200 pounds on Orange’s pre-pay plan or free to customers who sign up for a 24 month plan starting at around 15.50 pounds.

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