Creative Labs gets into Bluetooth speaker wars with Sound BlasterAxx

Creative Technologies has jumped into the portable Bluetooth speaker game with the Sound BlasterAxx.  It’s a one-piece hexagon with a high-quality dual-microphone array, raising the stakes within the market for better quality.  According to a company spokesperson, the device supports “16 KHz wide band speech, which some refer to as HD voice.”

Creative Labs VP of Corporate Communications says the Axx connects to the phone via a Bluetooth hands-free profile, with whatever audio coming to and from the phone passed on to the device.

Sound BlasterAxx recharges via USB dongle. It uses the SB-Axx1 (Sound Blaster “Axxelerated” multi-core audio processing chip) for both audio playback and voice for hands-free phones calls or video conferencing calls.  Other features include background noise reduction, “smart volume” adjusting volume for a roaming speaker, acoustic echo cancellation, “Voice Focus” to block out unwanted background noise or voices and a VoiceFX to add effects to your voice.

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