D2 Technologies and Sequans announce reference solution for LTE at Mobile Asia Expo

D2 Technologies is announcing (yet another) partnership with a 4G chip manufacturer.  Sequans Communication is offering the SQN3110 baseband chip pared with D2’s mCUE 4G mobile communications client for VoLTE and RCS video calling apps. 

The SQN3110 is the “heart” of Sequans’ second generation Andromeda LTE platform.   ODMs and OEMs can use Andromeda to build mobile handsets, tablets, smartphones and other mobile LTE devices utilizing VoLTE and RCS.

Live VoLTE demos at Mobile Asia Expo 2012 last week were conducted last week using a Quanta reference tablet computing running through Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S CMW500 LTE and IMS communications tester.

D2’s mCUE 4G supports nearly every applications processor under the sun, including Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Freescale, Marvell, and TI.  Features of the mCUE 4G IMS communications solution for Android include VoLTE and RCS5/RCS-e standards compliance, VoIP and SMS/MMS over IP, IP video call and conference, seamless call handover with SRVCC and DRVCC (single radio and dual radio), a complete User Interface

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