Media5 and DSP Group announce HD voice enabled E-DVA on Intel Puma 6 chip

Media5 and DSP Group have announced the integration of its products to provide an HD voice enabled E-DVA (Embedded Digital Voice Adaptor) for the Intel Puma 6 SoC (System on Chip) found in cable modem boxes.

The solution includes the M5T E-DVA SDK with DSP Group’s DCX81 SoC.  The combination provides a “comprehensive HD voice enabled E-DVA for the Intel Puma 6 SoC,” according to Media5’s press release.

The E-DVA STK implements the necessary state machine to manage analog phone/fax lines attached to a cable modem.  It also integrates into Intel’s SDK to offer management of MIB variables related to SIP signaling and telephony.  DSP’s group DCX81 SoC provides a DECT solution supporting multiple HD voice channels and advanced CAT-iq telephony features, including multi-line multi-handset configurations.

More broadly, this announcement augers future cable customer gear with integrated DECT and CAT-iq support.

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