Editorial: IT EXPO West 2012 session proposal – HD Voice and the Enterprise

The following session proposal has been sent into TMC (www.tmcnet.com) for IT EXPO West 2012 in Miami on October 2-5, 2012.

If you are interested in supporting such a session, I’ll be so bold as to suggest you email the folks at TMC about it.

HD Voice and the Enterprise

The promise of wideband voice improving business productivity seems to be moving to reality with Sprint delivering mobile HD voice by the end of this year and Verizon Business and other carriers offering HD voice exchange services within its VoIP cloud.

However, the road to seamless HD voice between the corporate LAN and the rest of the world has many potholes that need to be filled in — especially when you start mixing the broadband world of G.722 HD voice with the cellular world’s 3G CDMA and LTE solutions.

This session will explore progress made implementing mobile and broadband HD voice services at the carrier level and what corporate managers need to know — and tell end-users — on the issues that remain.

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