Siemens Enterprise Communications touts HD voice in new study

Siemens Enterprise Communication has released study data showing that people can tell the difference between “standard” quality and HD voice (Well, Siemens Enterprise Communications’ AudioPresence HD – which is G.722 HD voice by any other name) and prefer HD over standard IP telephony quality.  The study joins others by Ericsson, Polycom and several more vendors…

About 97 percent of those surveyed agreed there is a noticeable difference with HD, with 91 percent expressed a preference for HD voice on the desktop phone as compared to “standard” IP-telephony quality.

The study and press release go on to say 94 percent felt that improving voice communication quality with Siemens AudioPresence HD would have an overall positive impact on their business. Only three percent of respondents indicated that they could not perceive a difference in the high definition samples (HD Voice News suspects those people need to get their hearing checked).

In the “interactive multimedia simulation,” audio samples were provided in various user scenarios, including both ‘standard’ quality and Siemens Enterprise Communications’ AudioPresence HD. 

Siemens boasts its AudioPresence phones leverage the G.722 codec, as well as “best-in-class speaker, microphone and acoustic components with advanced noise rejection and echo cancellation in all OpenStage IP phones.”

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