Swissvoice adds mobile phone handsets (yes,HANDsets) to HD voice hardware

Adding a handset to a mobile phone seems counter-intuitive at first, but Swissvoice has a pair of devices that connect to a mobile phone, tablet or PC “allowing for a more comfortable and stylish” conversation, according to a piece from Phone Reviews UK.

Both the Swissvoice ePure CH01 and CH05 handsets combine “cutting-edge” HD voice technology while reducing exposure to potential RF emissions (i.e. holding up the cellular radio next to your head).  The CH01 provides a handset with a base for office or home user while the CH05 just provides the handset with a non-slip mat.  Both CH devices connect via 3.5mm jack to the device.

Swissvoice says both devices offer HD voice and have a “Made for iPhone” switch on the side to enable Apple users to use Siri on the handsets and allowing iPhone users to take advantage of the volume controls located on the sides of the CH handsets.

EPure CH01 and CH05 handsets are available in in white with detail in four colors: sunset orange, sky blue, hot pink, and bright green.  Purchases can be made from Amazon,with the CH01 priced at 33.99 pounds while the CH05 is priced at 34.99 pounds.

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