Samsung says it is first in world with a VoLTE phone

There’s a blog posting over on Samsung that claims it has has the world’s first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) phone, the Galaxy S II LTE device. MetroPCS says its already sold the first VoLTE phone and it’s an LG model.

Currently available in South Korea and in “global LTE markets” later this year, the Samsung release describes VoLTE and gets into a convoluted description of how it supports AMR-WB for HD voice to deliver better quality calls.  It also points out that you don’t need to download an additional over-the-top app for voice service on the phone.

Current Galaxy S III LTE devices can be upgraded to VoLTE service via phone upgrade.

It is hard to tell who will win the dueling press releases on “first.” Clearly, Samsung and its partner SK Telecom have won the media war with all the stories and tweets going out, while LG may be left holding the silver medal because MetroPCS hasn’t adequately kept the media informed on its plans.

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