Will voice ID drive mobile HD voice in New Zealand?

With hundreds of thousands of people registering to access New Zealand government agency services using voice biometrics, better quality mobile voice calls have become a big deal, according to Stuff.co.nz.

Inland Revenue – the Kiwi’s tax bureau – set a goal of signing up 800,000 people to conduct “voice print” identification in the first year when it launched in November; it currently reports over 400,000 people. 

The Social Development Ministry adopted the technology in July 2011 and found the biggest challenge for proper identification has been mobile calls, with poorer quality and background noise making checks using voice less reliable.

Since about 38 percent of calls made to the Social Development Ministry’s contact center were from mobile phones, there’s room for more improvement if New Zealand’s three mobile carriers deploy HD voice services on HSPA and/or LTE networks.

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