GigaOm Pro proclaims HD voice “new battleground” for U.S. carriers

Behind GigaOm’s pay wall, there’s a report that proclaims HD voice “is the new battleground” for U.S. carriers. Somebody better call MetroPCS and tell them they should be fighting.

Colin Gibbs, formerly with RCR Wireless, is “excited” about the “imminent” arrival of HD voice, but there’s not much more before the report pay wall other than “HD voice is beginning to come to market for U.S. consumers, and it may give smaller network operators a chance to close the gap on their bigger competitors.”

Gibbs’ assertion doesn’t jive with MetroPCS strategy to emphasize Rich Communication Services (RCS) over HD voice, as HD Voice Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney discusses over at TMCnet. And it is hard to call Sprint a “small” network operator in comparison to anyone but AT&T and Verizon, yet Sprint is the only carrier leading the charge on deploying HD voice over 3G CDMA coming in some markets later this year, with VoLTE next year.

By 2013, Verizon Wireless should have its VoLTE offering available nationwide and AT&T should be getting into the VoLTE swing during the same period.  Meanwhile, T-Mobile USA is still ramping up on how to deploy LTE…

HD Voice News feels compelled to note it has its second annual HD voice report available over at TMCnet, covering both mobile and broadband services around the globe.

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