Destination CRM talks up HD voice in the call center

Making the Twitter rounds today is a Destination CRM ( piece on HD voice and VoIP in the contact center. 

Available here, “HD Voice Clears Up the Phone Experience” subtitle is “Wideband audio could be the next evolution—or revolution—in technologies to hit the contact center space” – a statement HD Voice News can agree with.  Using HD voice improves interaction with IVR systems and speech recognition engines.

It’s interaction with contact center agents that appears to be the bigger win, with comments offered by executives at long-time HD voice supporters Dialogic and Polycom.   A one percent gain in efficiency in a 2,000 agent call center “could be” a couple million dollars a year.

Other functions getting praise are simple day-to-day call interaction between staffers and the (often touted) improvement in conference calls.

Unfortunately, the article does fall into the trap of equating “HD audio” and “HD voice” – two terms that have vastly different meanings.  There’s also some weakness in the piece discussing carrier interoperability, with no mention of IPX advancements or Intelliquent’s efforts moving HD voice.

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