GSA: HD voice on 45 mobile networks in 35 countries

In a report released on September 3, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) “confirms a rapid expansion” of mobile HD voice services worldwide using AMR-WB, with deployments on “numerous” GSM, WCDMA-UMTS  and LTE networks.

The latest “Mobile HD Voice: Global Update” report confirms HD voice services have been commercially launched in almost 60 percent of EU member countries, with the technology being deployed “far beyond” Europe for a total of 45 different mobile networks in 35 countries and territories.  

From a statistical perspective, the number of operators offering HD voice services has increased by 40 percent in under a year.

Perhaps most significantly, mobile HD voice services are being offered by competing operators in 10 markets: Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Poland, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK.

Counting handsets, there are more than 80 HD voice “enabled” mobile phones out on the market, with operators working to “maximize” HD voice handset availability.

The full report is available at  Registration to access the report is required at

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